George Hibbert

Today we get to a story I came across a few years ago, I actually have met Miss A and I can say that what was put by Mr Hibbert is complete and utter hogwash!

Dr George Hibbert is a well known Psychiatrist whom up until around 2009 dealt with parents and would tell lies in assessments and get them to do very strange and weird things within his assessments if they were to pass them (not many actually passed the tests but that is the same with most of the so called “Professionals” on the face of it from what I have seen the system is always against the parents and they rake in the money!

Like for instance when Norma Howes and Ellis Mosley did mine and my eldest son’s mothers assessments they were paid £5000 (five thousand pounds sterling) for the assessments, that is not including Court costs and they are days long and some are up to and inclusive of a week, travel costs (which they can lie about and claim extra)

George Hibbert saw best part of his clients at Tadpole Cottage near Swindon, I have to state that at the moment he is attempting to get the investigation quashed and did offer to hand in his Psychiatrists licence (so not guilty hey) below is a picture of him, I don’t own copyright of it but I have borrowed it!

Extraordinary: Dr George Hibbert faces claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders ¿ decisions which meant their children were taken away from themWhen George Hibbert was actually misdiagnosing these parents not just Miss A (will come to her later on down the blog entry) it was like all these so called “Professionals” to seal the fate of the children that the parents have had and it was the nail in the coffin of the parents ever getting their children back

If the claims that are been stated by Miss A and quite a few other parents is found to be true in the end he will be struck off! just to clarify here he attempted to hand his licence in, if one was not guilty then why would he attempt to do a stupid thing like that?

George Hibbert was paid according to reports hundreds of thousands of pounds by Local Authorities and Family Courts for reports that was used in the Courts to permanently keep baby and families apart, not because of something that has happened but something that could happen!

He is now being investigated over shocking suggestions he distorted the assessments to fit the view of social services.

In one case, he is alleged to have wrongly diagnosed a ‘caring’ new mother –  named only as Miss A – with bipolar disorder because her local authority wanted the  baby adopted.

John Hemming stated at the time of the initial allegation that he knew of 4-5 other parents whom have been treated the same by George Hibbert, I personally could expect that one family may lie but 4-5 of them and that was before it all became public knowledge, surely we must all be missing something if we think that he is innocent!

At the time if I recall John Hemming was reported to have written to Justice Secretary at the time Ken Clarke, which seems on the face of it to have got nowhere, but then we are on about Ken Clarke here, he is as biased as the “Professionals” and Judges themselves!

 The thing that people may have failed to realise is that his and many other so called professionals reports help to make up the Judges choice, now the Judges are usually already biased because it makes them money (we pay for them so we should expect a better none biased Judge, but money talks etc)

These so called professionals are in my opinion and agreed by the likes of John Hemming amongst others  they are little more than ‘the hired gun of the local authority’.

The lack of transparency over such experts was leading to ‘thousands of miscarriages of justice in care proceedings’.

Earlier this week, a study for the Family Justice Council revealed how life-changing decisions about the care of children are routinely being made on the basis of flawed evidence. A fifth of ‘experts’ who advise the family courts are unqualified.

Dr Hibbert charged local authorities £6,000 a week for every family in his care and £210 an hour just to read documents such as medical records.

By 2007 his company, Assessment in Care, was making a profit of around £460,000 a year from  his lucrative arrangement with social services.

He is now worth more than  £2.7million. Last night a black Porsche Turbo, thought to be worth around £120,000, and a grey Porsche 911 Carrera, worth around £80,000, were parked on the gravel driveway outside his £500,000 country cottage.

A former honorary lecturer at Oxford University, who has previously advised the government on care assessments, Dr Hibbert left the NHS to set up his private assessment centre in 2000.

Since then, hundreds of parents in contact with social services – usually mothers and babies – have been referred to his centre to  be assessed.

Concerns were first raised in 2007, when mother Miss A complained that Dr Hibbert had wrongly diagnosed her with a bipolar disorder.

One consultant psychiatrist accused Dr Hibbert of having ‘no evidence’ for some of his claims and of deliberately ‘exaggerating’ and ‘misrepresenting’ aspects of the woman’s behaviour.

Her report is among a number of documents being examined by the GMC with regards to Dr Hibbert.

Miss A, who has seen her son just a few times since, said Dr Hibbert was ‘corrupt and evil.’

‘Nothing will ever make up for what he has done to me and my child,’ Miss A said. ‘I want to make sure this man is exposed and that he can never do this to anybody else.’

In a letter sent to Miss A, a GMC investigations officer confirmed Dr Hibbert ‘has now applied for voluntary erasure from the medical register’.

The letter continued: ‘He has no intention of returning to clinical practice in the future.’

However, the GMC officer concluded it was in the ‘public interest’ for his request to be denied ‘in view of the nature of the performance allegations and in the view of the conduct concerns.’

He has not been available for comment at his two-storey detached cottage in the small village of Blunsdon near Swindon. His assessment centre next to his home appeared to be closed.

A spokesman for Dr Hibbert at the Medical Protection Society, the indemnity organisation for doctors, said professional confidentiality meant Dr Hibbert was ‘unable to comment on allegations raised in relation to care of a patient’.

Paul Grant, of Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors, who represents Miss A, said: ‘Our client has instructed us to launch proceedings against Dr Hibbert and the local authority.

‘We believe this distressing case may be the tip of a very big iceberg.’

* The end of this blog is taken from a newspaper because I could not be bothered to retype it all but there it is 🙂 here are some links to do with George Hibbert! There are a lot more about him on the Internet but I am not going to post them all here, but please do comment, feel free to use false names and also pass this blog around! Thanks


Norma Howes

This has to be first because I have had personal dealings with her and it was me that found out that she was not registered with the GSCC now HCPC at the time when my eldest son was forcibly adopted!

This lady originally from Scotland somewhere she got in touch and worked with a nurse from the USA in the 1990’s (take into acct she was not registered until end of Aug 2010) so had no right to even be involved in stuff like that (I was going to put it all on here but there is plenty of proof on the internet if you put her name next to “Independent Social Worker” or even funnier as she is not qualified in that either but also “Psychologist” she keeps putting herself forward as a Psychologist when she was found out to be a fraud! in 2010 then she registered with the GSCC so she could cover her own ass but the proof is out there!

When Norma Howes was dealing with the cases with Pamela Klein during the 1990’s there were on average anywhere between 40-100 children who were removed from their parents on her say-so on the pretext of Satanic Ritual Abuse (something that has never been fully proven to be real) I will explain at the end of this paragraph as to why she and Ms Klein decided that SRA was the correct diagnosis! These said children were NEVER returned back to their parents and the various Legals acting on their behalf actually said not to go up against Ms Howes, now there is no records as to why that was but there are records stating that the Legals advised the children but at that point adults not to do any Legal action against her, needless to say that the children knew the truth and it turned out that in a few cases that the family turned out to be “Morris Dancers” now you just cant make that up!

Norma Howes and Pamela Klein made up the concept of SRA because they are very religious, and according to the bible anything that does not follow the religion is seen as Satanism and/or Occult, also it means that they could scare families and in turn have the people whom are supposed to protect children into a massive money making scheme, they did not care about the children and last time I heard about Ms Howes she had just written a report that made it so that the little boy involved instead of going to his stable mother went to the druggie father and step mother! so that is not caring about the child at all.

More recently as that is old news Ms Howes seems on the face of it to be attempting to keep a “Low Profile” but the truth is that she still goes into the Family Courts, she still tells lies in assessments and she still does not care about the families and more importantly the babies and children that she is making such important choices about the life of!

Below is an email to prove that she was not registered and also below that a few links as proof of what I say, I have to edit out my last name because my eldest son could get recognised otherwise apparently so I have no choice and apologise for that, but as you will see it is clear as are the links below it!

from:  Helen Ingram Seal <>
to: (Yes, this is you.) Learn more
date:  23 March 2010 16:25
subject:  FW: GSCC Registration

Dear Colby


Thank you for contacting the General Social Care Council.


I can confirm that we do not have anyone with the name of Norma Howes currently registered with us, nor has anyone of that name applied to join the register.

All social workers in England must register with the GSCC and maintain their registration to be able to practise.

Since 1 April 2005, the title ‘social worker’ has been protected in England by Section 61 of the Care Standards Act 2000. Individuals who are not registered on the Social Care Register (‘the Register’) will be in breach of Section 61 of the Care Standards Act, if they:

(a) describe themselves as a social worker;
(b) describe themselves in a way which implies registration with the GSCC; or
(c) hold themselves out as registered with the GSCC;
and, by doing so, they intend to deceive another person.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards


Helen Ingram-Seal

Enquiries Officer

General Social Care Council

Myson House

Railway Terrace

Rugby. CV21 3HT


Tel: 0845 070 0630